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On Startups!

In this post I would like to highlight a few things that I’ve understood  about startups.

For starters you can have a look at what a Startup actually is here.

Well although a start up is a great place to work in, there are a few things that also come with this package that you wouldn’t like.

I would quote a plus and a negating factor for that quote(If there are any).


Good Thing: A huge bank balance is something that you can actually expect from a startup.

Downfall: But with this comes long hours of work, less or no personal life.


Good thing: You will make it big if the product or the start up takes off.

Downfall: If the product/startup fails then everything goes down the drain that includes your job as well.


Good Thing: Your learning curve improves exponentially and you can expect better paychecks when u change

Downfall: This also means when you come out to the market, you are left with a very few options that you can look into. This is because either someone cannot afford you, or you’ve done some quality work and wouldn’t like to work in anything that doesn’t do justice to your skill level.

Well this is just how I look at a start up. Views may defer from individual to individual.

Let me know what you feel.



In this post I would write about this new promising product called SnappyFingers.

What is SnappyFingers?

Apart from sounding catchy, SnappyFingers is a vertical search engine company based out of Bangalore. They claim to be building the most comprehensive database of Questions and Answers on the web. Unlike other search engines SnappyFingers only focus is on crawling and fetching Q & A and FAQ kind of results. They also claim to provide a comprehensive list of FAQ’s by mining their database.

How it works?

Unlike WikiAnswers and Yahoo answers which actually has someone ask a question and get an answer against that question, SnappyFingers actually crawls through the web and builds a comprehensive database and comes up with a answers at pretty good speeds.

I actually wanted to check if they really do what they claim they can do. So I just made a query “What is ruby”. I was really amazed at the result. Have a look at what I got here.

Comparison with other search engines and Q & A kind of applications.

I asked the same question “What is ruby” at different palces and here is the result.

On SnappyFingers

On Google.

On Yahoo Answers.

On WikiAnswers.

So how does SnappyFingers stand out?

Imagine this scenario where you just want a quick answer that would kind of provide quick overview on something that you are looking for, in this case  “What is ruby”, you would usually expect  a quick and to the point answer rather than going through the whole process of learning internals of it.This is where SnappyFingers stands out.

They still are in BETA and you wouldn’t be able to see good results for all searches.

But I am sure this would be a great addition to the web space. This would help students,teachers and people seeking quick answers.

Though the capabilities of search engines like Google,Yahoo and others are undeniable, SnappyFingers stands out when it comes to quick answers and to the point answers.

I would soon try and get in touch with the Founder of the company and ask him a few questions about the roadmap,business model and how they intend to make it better.

Thanks for reading. Please leave a comment on what you felt.

Tweets through SMS!


Ever wondered how you can get Tweet updates from Twitter on cell phone for free. Well I did at least.

Now I can Tweet as well as receive Tweets on my basic Sony Ericsson phone without GPRS/Wi-Fi.

Ok, enough of the blah blah.

Here’s how it can be done step-by-step:

  1. If you want all the Tweets on SMS then click on the RSS “Tab” at the bottom left hand corner on Twitter. (I only get the Direct Tweets).
  2. If you intend to get only direct Tweets then, point your browser to Tweetscan and search for @yourname. Then click on the RSS tab somewhere on the top of Tweetscan screen.
  3. Now use a service that would send email updates/SMS updates when ever your RSS gets updated. I use Pingie.
  4. Pingie send SMS alerts only in USA. *Very Sad*. The next step will let you how you can work around.
  5. Point your browser to, which is a free Email-To-SMS service provider. You need to do a few basic configurations there and you are done. You canconfigure to send an SMS when ever you recieve an email from
  6. You will start receiving SMS for every Tweet you get (Direct Tweets in my case).
  7. Follow your Tweets even when you are offline.

All this is free.

Let me know if you need any help. Feel free to comment.

Google Chrome!

This is an old post from one of my other blog.

Although I am an ardent Firefox freak I couldn’t help falling in love with Google’s Chrome.

Here I would highlight a few features that caught my eye.

  • First up it’s up for download at
  • The browser looks stunning.
  • Real estate has been used sensibly.
  • It has a built in JavaScript console. I need it as I debug and write a lot of JavaScript code.
  • Tabs are at the top of the screen which saves a lot of space.
  • Status bar is not displayed all the time and comes up only when we hover over it or something needs to be displayed in the status bar. Saves a lot of space.
  • It’s got auto fill as well which suggests the most popular sites with that name.
  • Search bar has been removed and you can search for a term by typing in the address bar and Chrome says “Search AAAA with Google”.
  • The above feature also adds up to a lot of space and a clean look.
  • It has an “Incognito Window” mode that which lets us browse in stealth mode. More on this link and link.
  • When you hit ‘CTRL + F’ don’t worry if you don’t see a search bar at the bottom. It gently slides from the right top corner of your browser.
  • Chrome has a built in “Task Manager” that lets you end or close processes in Chrome that aren’t responding.
  • When you open a new tab, don’t be amazed, it shows the most visited sites, option to search history, recent bookmarks and closed tabs. More on that link and link.
  • There is also a “Create Application Shortcut” option that lets you add a shortcut to the current open tab/window selecting one of three options. More link and link.
  • “Dynamic tabs” lets you drag and drop tabs across the tab panel and place it where ever you wish. Also you can pull out tab from the tab panel and use it as a new window. More on that link and link.
  • “Crash Control” lets you check how much of your computer resources each open tab is using. You can also close misbehaving tabs using the built in task manager. More on this link and link.
  • To protect you from malware and phising sites Chrome would show a warning if it suspects that the selected website is not safe for browsing. More link and link.
  • “Instant Book marking” can be done by clicking on the star icon next to the address bar. More link and link
  • “Simpler downloads” is one more stunning feature in Chrome. As you click on a link to download any file the download starts at the bottom of theChrome
  • window. Once downloading is done you can drag and drop the file onto your desktop or to any folder of your choice. More link and link.

The other thing I liked about Chrome is it doesn’t ask “Chrome is not your default browser, Shall I make it default question” … Wow

What I miss link are Firefox plugins like TwitKit and lot other Firefox specific features. I will not let you go so easily Firefox. Love you.