On Startups!

In this post I would like to highlight a few things that I’ve understood  about startups.

For starters you can have a look at what a Startup actually is here.

Well although a start up is a great place to work in, there are a few things that also come with this package that you wouldn’t like.

I would quote a plus and a negating factor for that quote(If there are any).


Good Thing: A huge bank balance is something that you can actually expect from a startup.

Downfall: But with this comes long hours of work, less or no personal life.


Good thing: You will make it big if the product or the start up takes off.

Downfall: If the product/startup fails then everything goes down the drain that includes your job as well.


Good Thing: Your learning curve improves exponentially and you can expect better paychecks when u change

Downfall: This also means when you come out to the market, you are left with a very few options that you can look into. This is because either someone cannot afford you, or you’ve done some quality work and wouldn’t like to work in anything that doesn’t do justice to your skill level.

Well this is just how I look at a start up. Views may defer from individual to individual.

Let me know what you feel.


8 comments so far

  1. Kapil on

    Working in a startup is surely a big plus. But it has its own drawbacks. I guess everyone should experience working in a startup which teaches them to taking more resposibility and handle pressure well and have exponential growth.

    I might say a person should try to work in different worlds i,e; the Prod Dev coz , services and startups( I would consider startups seperately from PD) and consulting. Each of these lets you explore a different quality in you. Doesn’t it?

  2. dhruvakrishnan on

    Yes it does to a great extent.I totally agree with what you commented.

  3. Quiz_Master on

    Working in startups has more cons then pros.
    Its risky business, and today, when world’s economy is falling like ripe apples from tree, a startup will take off or not, nobody can be sure of that!
    Its a great place to learn, no doubt about that, but for future job security, I think its a NO! NO!

  4. dhruvakrishnan on

    I totally agree with what @Quiz_Master said.

  5. AravindJose on

    Infact, I’ve read this post once it was published , back in October. But, never in my dreams, I knew, I will initiate a startup at an age of 18 !!

  6. Dhruva Krishnan on

    All the best with that..Let me know if you need any assistance.

  7. Ankit on

    Interesting take on Startups.
    However,working for a start-up as a part time affair can be ‘Sone pe suhaga’ offer.There is so much freedom to learn and grow along with the value the expirience it adds to the resume
    Infact,Being associated with moneyvidya.com has helped me learn the Startup dynamics to a great extent.And i dont even have to give more than 5-6 hours a week.

    • dhruvakrishnan on

      You tend to get a hold on things as you work for a start-up. Its a really nice experience.Its like a basecamp I feel.when you move into the more established companies you can work quicker and better. This is a big plus I feel

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