Zook-The new Mobile Q & A Platform

This review is about a new mobile search engine(answer engine to be more precise) unlike the existing ones.

Imagine a situation where you are in some place and want to find out some eatout or a coffee shop or anything else around that place(considering you are new to that place). You or rather I would certainly not Google/Yahoo! it. Even though if it does it wouldn’t be optimised for viewing on the go on a Mobile phone.

So what follows will introduce you to a solution that handles this situation very well.

The product in focus here is Zook.

Zook is a product from Bangalore based company called Ziva Software.

Ziva has built a patent pending Technology to build the worlds first interactive “Mobile answer engine” that provides precise answers to users queries. The QA Engine is part of Ziva’s Manas Platform™.

As Zook quotes it:

Manas Platform™ is compatible with any language, any vertical/segment, and any number of heterogeneous information sets. In other words, the search and access paradigm remains the same across multiple verticals. For this reason, Ziva’s search paradigm is referred to as the Lateral Search™ technique.

So let me explain how Zook actually works with a use case.

I sent a Query “Coffee Day Jayanagar”(Oh! I love Coffee!) to Zook’s SMS service number 57575665.

Here is what I got as the reply.

Zook: 3 matches: For details reply with choice(1,2,Etc)/M for more results. (Pretty straight forward).
Me: 1
Zook: Cafe Coffee Day Cuisine: Coffee Bar,Address Brigade Homestead,Opp Maiya Nursing home and Garla Garnet, Ground Floor, 519/a, 9th Main, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore-32

So these were the answers from the answers from Zook itself. There is a also an active Zook Community that also drives the Zook Platform. The community is the part of Zook’s Peepal Network™

As Zook quotes it:

Ziva’s mobile-specific social networking platform (referred to as Peepal Network™) has been built groud-up to support mobile-based communities. Peepal Network™ utilizes user’s location as well as the time parameter to support transient and time-sensitive social networks that can be dynamically formed based on user’s current location as well as other interests. The flexible nature of the Peepal Network™ can be used to power a number of mobile-specific social networking applications — which includes reviews and ratings, tagging, music/video sharing, etc.

These are the answers that I got by the Zook Community (Which is a highly active and growing community) :

For your query “Coffee day Jayanagar”, <USER_NAME_X> says
1. Coffee Bar,Address Brigade Homestead,Opp Maiya Nursing home- +918064526490
2. #52,A-22,2nd Mn,32nd cross,,Jayanagar 7th block +918064528292

and one more answer.

Looking at this result I was amazed that so much information and to the point information can be got with So less, which I am sure no other service provider can gurrantee or claim.

Apart from this they also have a WAP based interface, the results for the above query as seen on WAP Broswer can be seen here.

So all in all I felt Zook is a good service that has an even better technology that is driving it.

Zook is currently available in Major cities around  India.

So I rate the product 5/5 for its innovation,usability and correctness.

Zook was also nominated for the Mobile Monday Global Peer award 2008 in at the mobile world congress,Barcelona.

Let me know your thoughts on this and do try out Zook.

Coming up: An interview with a core Member of the technology group at Ziva Software.


9 comments so far

  1. goobi on

    I didn’t really read the full thing, but I’ll state my stance on all new web startups, good or bad. Nope. i won’t use it.

    Note: I said the same thing about Twitter and Facebook. Wish I had stuck to my view on Facebook though.

  2. dhruvakrishnan on

    Its all about innovation in the end. You have a really good product that would make life easier,I wouldn’t mind using it.Irrespective of whether its from a start-up or an established company, in the end its about the value proposition it has.

  3. Kasinathan on

    it is a amazing and useful things for the people even they are in remote area. Just only a mobile can give the necessary answer to them. Sure it will help more and more to get the needs at that situation. Thanks for this new findings.

  4. me on

    There are a host of such sms search services, incl one from google in india. None of them have been successful even though they have been there for dog years. There isn’t much you can do on sms to differentiate. Anyways zook doesn’t even seem to be one of the better sms solutions.

    • dhruvakrishnan on

      I agree with you on Similar services being available..But the thing is these guys have come up with a new technology alltogether, which is appreciable. If this doesn’t click then probably they can use the same thing else where. Bottom line I feel is innovation

  5. me on

    What is the innovation?

  6. dhruvakrishnan on

    I haven’t seen or used or seen a more useful service than Zook.I use it more than I use Google SMS search because it gives me more comprehensive and better results.The Peppal network(Which can be used in a lot of other ways other than Zook) and Manas platform are what I refereed to as innovation.

  7. Sameer on

    Thanks Dhruva. We’re hoping Zook gets even better – and part of the deal is more people helping out others on 42.zook.in so every question is always answered!

    Meanwhile, keep Zook.in!

    [ You can now sms “Q ” to 57575665 to get answers from the community directly – and basically use it like a Q&A service – especially for stuff not part of Zook data, or use it like a one-shot search of the web over SMS!

    – Sameer

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