I am @dkris and this is my Tech blog, TechMeOn. This is a blog where you would find reviews and views about happenings in the technology space.

I am also in these places.

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5 comments so far

  1. Vaibhav Gupta on

    Hey man,

    I saw that you write about technology and startups. Well I would like to suggest you one such company which I think might be of great interest to you.
    Dhanax is not working on new technology but they have a good and novel implementation of web. Basically they are working to bring down operation cost of lending money to people who would normally go to money lenders. I will leave the rest for you to explore. http://www.dhanax.com. You can reach the ceo at siva[at]dhanax[dot]com and director at rajnish[at]dhanax[dot]com.


  2. dhruvakrishnan on

    Hey Vaibhav,
    Thanks for visiting. I would surely have a look at Dhanax. BTW wanted to know if you are associated with them.Just that I can quote you as a reference when I get in touch with the director and CEO.

  3. Archana on

    every time i see dkris, i imagine your name as almost D’Cruz etc etc.. i mean some anglo-indian or portuguese christian name or something like that..

    From Dhruv Krishnan to Dkris..!! How could you man!!! 😛

  4. dhruvakrishnan on

    Its been one of my first aliases..I like it a lot actually..Short modern simple and also makes sense.Wat say?

  5. Rohit Mishra on

    Hey Dkris
    I am @movingahead on Twitter. To tell you the truth, I was also surprised to see your name — dkris is really good. Went through your blog — really good posts. I think you should append the getting tweets post and add a reference to Twe2 — its much more simpler. Hope to see more regular posting from you.

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