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Tweets through SMS!


Ever wondered how you can get Tweet updates from Twitter on cell phone for free. Well I did at least.

Now I can Tweet as well as receive Tweets on my basic Sony Ericsson phone without GPRS/Wi-Fi.

Ok, enough of the blah blah.

Here’s how it can be done step-by-step:

  1. If you want all the Tweets on SMS then click on the RSS “Tab” at the bottom left hand corner on Twitter. (I only get the Direct Tweets).
  2. If you intend to get only direct Tweets then, point your browser to Tweetscan and search for @yourname. Then click on the RSS tab somewhere on the top of Tweetscan screen.
  3. Now use a service that would send email updates/SMS updates when ever your RSS gets updated. I use Pingie.
  4. Pingie send SMS alerts only in USA. *Very Sad*. The next step will let you how you can work around.
  5. Point your browser to, which is a free Email-To-SMS service provider. You need to do a few basic configurations there and you are done. You canconfigure to send an SMS when ever you recieve an email from
  6. You will start receiving SMS for every Tweet you get (Direct Tweets in my case).
  7. Follow your Tweets even when you are offline.

All this is free.

Let me know if you need any help. Feel free to comment.