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Latlong – Gets You There

Gets you there, that’s what they say.

The product under review here is a Direction Finding service that works over a plain text message from any mobile phone .

Imagine, you being stuck in an unknown place in Bangalore and want to get to some other place. The possible options would be the use of a voice guided GPS system, say on your very own Smartphone or to ask someone passing by. To people with Smartphone and those without, ONZE Technologies India Pvt Ltd introduces Latlong, an SMS service, wherein, people can search WHERE a place is and also HOW to get there from any other place (in Bangalore). An SMS would be way cheaper than a GPS navigation service. You may argue that there are WAP enabled map sites to find directions but, this service is easier to use, less time consuming and cheaper than most other services.

This product named Latlong is the brainchild of a privately held company housed in Bangalore, India, called ONZE Technologies.

As the product says, ‘Latlong – GETS YOU THERE’, it is a direction finding service. All that the end user needs is a phone that has the capability to send and receive plain text messages. Let me attempt to explain how it actually works:

Say, I wanted to get to Jayanagar 4th Block from my house which is in Chamarajpet. What I would do is, type an SMS in the format,

GO Jayanagar 4th Block FROM Chamarajpet

and send it to 9008890088, voila, I have the directions in the reply:

GO 4.1 km via>>

Uma Theater,Chamarajapet>>Gandhi Bazar DVG Rd Junction>>Nettakallappa Circle>>South End Circle>>Nanda Talkies Rd>>Jayanagar Shopping Complex,4th Blk

After reaching South End Circle:

START-South End Circle

GO ON Nanda Talkies Rd TOWARDS Nanda Theater Junction,GO 0.4 K

CONTINUE AT Nanda Theater Junction 0.3K AFTER South End circle bus stop,GO 0.5 K ON Nanda Talkies Rd

TURN L 225m AFTER Abhaya Ganapati temple(R),GO 0.4 K ON 30th Crs Rd

END-Jayanagar Shopping Complex

CALL FOR ASSISTANCE: 08041307394 (9am-7pm MON-FRI)” (Very much self-explanatory)

The other service that it provides the user is the Location service wherein, when the user wants to find the address of a place, can find it through a similar service, but with a differently formatted query. Say, I would like to know the exact address of the company that has built this product, Onze Technologies. I just have to send an SMS in the format,

WHERE Onze Technologies

to 9008890088 and in the reply I would get the exact address of the company,

“1. ONZE Technologies (India) Private Limited


37th Crs Rd,5th Blk,Jayangr

CLOSE TO Good Shepherd School

2.2 km FROM South End Circle”

along with the phone number and nearby landmarks.

This product also answered complex queries such as ‘GO Jayanagar 4th Block Dominos From Jayanagar 9th Block Corner House’. I was totally amazed by the capability of the product to handle such complex queries. I would rather go in with LATLONG than any other services that are currently available because of the ease of use and the cost incurred.

LATLONG currently is operational for places in Bangalore. Hope they can make it all over India.

In all, LATLONG is an amazing product. Our rating would be 5/5 considering its efficiency, capabilities, speed of operation and its ease of use.

Let us know what you felt about the product.