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In this post I would write about this new promising product called SnappyFingers.

What is SnappyFingers?

Apart from sounding catchy, SnappyFingers is a vertical search engine company based out of Bangalore. They claim to be building the most comprehensive database of Questions and Answers on the web. Unlike other search engines SnappyFingers only focus is on crawling and fetching Q & A and FAQ kind of results. They also claim to provide a comprehensive list of FAQ’s by mining their database.

How it works?

Unlike WikiAnswers and Yahoo answers which actually has someone ask a question and get an answer against that question, SnappyFingers actually crawls through the web and builds a comprehensive database and comes up with a answers at pretty good speeds.

I actually wanted to check if they really do what they claim they can do. So I just made a query “What is ruby”. I was really amazed at the result. Have a look at what I got here.

Comparison with other search engines and Q & A kind of applications.

I asked the same question “What is ruby” at different palces and here is the result.

On SnappyFingers

On Google.

On Yahoo Answers.

On WikiAnswers.

So how does SnappyFingers stand out?

Imagine this scenario where you just want a quick answer that would kind of provide quick overview on something that you are looking for, in this case¬† “What is ruby”, you would usually expect¬† a quick and to the point answer rather than going through the whole process of learning internals of it.This is where SnappyFingers stands out.

They still are in BETA and you wouldn’t be able to see good results for all searches.

But I am sure this would be a great addition to the web space. This would help students,teachers and people seeking quick answers.

Though the capabilities of search engines like Google,Yahoo and others are undeniable, SnappyFingers stands out when it comes to quick answers and to the point answers.

I would soon try and get in touch with the Founder of the company and ask him a few questions about the roadmap,business model and how they intend to make it better.

Thanks for reading. Please leave a comment on what you felt.